YOOtheme proudly presents the new YOOslider module!

The exclusive YOOslider module can be vertical or horizontal aligned and comes with smooth sliding effects while hovering the items. It also features two sliding behaviors to get different sliding effects.

The Drawer
  • Method: Overlapping with z-index
  • Item remains expanded and active on mouse leave
  • Example: take a look at the right and hover each item
The Slider
  • Method: Scaling width using "overflow: hidden"
  • Shrink the item on mouse leave
  • Example: take a look here and hover each item

Configuration of the YOOslider

The YOOslider comes with an huge configuration to make it as flexible as possible and to fit all purposes.

For example goto the Joomla! backend, install the YOOslider module and edit the module settings.
Choose a category to set the content items which should be loaded in the YOOslider.
YOOslider configuration